Sterile tanks

Fully automated sterile tanks for food and beverage applications are made in Germany by Schneider Industries GmbH.


Sterile tank 30 000 l

Schneider Industries sterile tanks are available in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 and holding capacities from 500 to 30000 liters.

The sterile tank body itself is a vertical tank with cylindrical cooling jacket, manhole, load cell, agitator – optionally as a magnetic agitator, CIP-spray balls and all utility and product connections.




Sterile tank 12 000 l

Optionally our aseptic tanks can be supplied with separate in- and outlets, sterile air production unit and a steam-reduction valve set.

The Schneider Industries designed valve cluster module is frame-mounted and has assembled valve sets, sterile air filters, safety device, air pressure equipment for emptying the tank, end valve cluster and control panel with a Siemens S7 control unit.