Schneider Industries UHT plants

Schneider Industries UHT sterilizers are also suitable for other applications such as juices, nectars, soups and tea.

Germany based Schneider Industries GmbH produces UHT plants for food processing applications ensuring the highest product quality, production safety, plant efficiency and product taste whilst preserving the product’s desirable characteristics.

UHT plants

Our continuous aseptic ultra-high temperature treatment plants are engineered and made in Germany by specialist with many years of accumulated field and manufacturing experience.

Tubular or plate heat exchangers are designed according to the product to be processed and are available in a capacity range from 50 to 45.000 l/h.


UHT plants

Schneider Industrie GmbH’s UHT ultra-high temperature processing plants are mainly utilized to sterilize milk and liquid food.

Further low- and medium-viscosity products where Schneider Industries UHT units are in operation are flavored milk, fruit juices – with or without fibres, tea, coffee, cream, soy milk, coconut water & milk, soups, tomato, sauces, dessert and formulated dairy alternatives.

UHT plants Made in Germany by Schneider Industries GmbH will provide your production plant with best performance rates whilst operating in the most cost-efficient mode – at all times.

Why go for a more expensive UHT plant from a large multinational company when you can own a custom-made UHT plant engineered just for you in Germany by industry experts?