Field services for filling and downstream machines made by Tetra Pak®. Field engineers are factory-trained specialists for the following missions:

Preventive maintenance

Regular, proactive preventive maintenance on your Tetra Pak® filling machine installations by our skilled field service is the crucial difference between meeting and missing production targets.

Preventive maintenance minimizes the number of unplanned stops and lowers overall operational costs. It also detects safety problems; enhances product quality and saves money by prolonging equipment life and allowing smooth operation.

Preventive maintenance for Tetra-Pak® machines and lines
Tetra-Pak® machine servicing

Machine servicing

Schneider Industries’ experienced field service team are trained experts on all Tetra Pak® machinery platforms. We ensure that proper machinery services are provided to your Tetra Pak® filling line ensuring the optimal functioning of each individual machine.

Our expert field service engineers can be contracted worldwide for regular service contracts for your Terra Pak® filling line as per manufacturer recommendations. Machinery service can also include installation, calibration, and upgrading of equipment to meet specific requirements.

Machine repairs

Restoring the functionality of machinery used in Tetra Pak® machines and complete manufacturing plants. The repair process typically involves diagnosing the problem, ordering the spare parts, disassembling the equipment, repairing or replacing any faulty parts, and then reassembling the machinery. Final functional testing, production restart and, if required, production supervision can also be supplied.

Tetra-Pak® machine repairs
Tetra-Pak® machine conversions to modifying or upgrading your existing Tetra Pak® machines to improve their performance, capacity, or versatility

Machine conversions

Tetra Pak® machine conversions refer to the process of modifying or upgrading your existing Tetra Pak® machines to improve their performance, capacity, or versatility. Machine conversions may involve installing new components or modules, volume conversion kits, capping systems or end-of-line packaging solutions.

Conversions and upgrades on Tetra Pak® machine are either undertaken at one of our factories or, where possible, at customer site. Talking to us about your Tetra Pak® filling lines may also be a cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of a machine, avoiding the need to purchase a new one.

Extensive technical field service – for new and old machines

We recognized the needs of our customers and acted. Our technical field service is continuously growing, and we can provide a wide range of services for new and older Tetra Pak filling machinery models and respective packaging machinery. Our staff regularly takes part in training courses in order to acquire the necessary know-how to be able to operate all the machines.

The following machines and lines are regularly maintained by our employees:

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