Schneider Industries GmbH is a leading CIP plant producer from Germany

Schneider Industries CIP plants are designed and equipped with tanks for storage of cleaning agents or designed for lost CIP with one or more cleaning circuits, depending on the specific cleaning tasks. Our standard skid-mounted CIP plant is made from one tank with pre- and post-rinse cold water, a heated caustic tank and an acid tank. The liquid is pumped to the process lines by a feed pump and back to the CIP system by return pump. Additional tanks for hot and cold caustic or acid can optionally be added to increase your plant capacity and flexibility.

The mixing of different cleaning agents or the contamination of fresh water or product by any cleaning agents is prevented by optimized process technology. The CIP unit can be controlled by a local PLC with a touch panel, or by a process control system.

Ensuring Product Safety and Hygiene with Schneider Industries’ CIP Plants and Automation System

Designed for high hygienic standards, all common cleaning agents in the dairy, food and beverage and chemical-pharmaceutical industry can be used for CIP cleaning. Product safety of Schneider Industries CIP plants is ensured through the application of mechanical and electronic interlocking systems.

Data acquisition, archiving and process logging are secured through our automation system and can include a data exchange feature with plant automation systems.

Schneider Industries CIP plants are skid-mounted and made in Germany.

In conclusion, Schneider Industries offers CIP plants that are highly customizable to meet specific cleaning tasks in the dairy, food and beverage, and chemical-pharmaceutical industries. These plants are equipped with tanks for storage of cleaning agents and are designed to prevent contamination of fresh water or products. Schneider Industries’ CIP plants ensure product safety and hygiene while offering flexibility and capacity for your plant.

Worldwide shipping, installation, and commissioning of CIP plants, sterile and liquid storage tanks, as well as pipe assemblies by Schneider Industries GmbH specialists is also available!

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